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Types of treatment


In the T.I.E. center there are three different treatment options available. Which option is the best option, depends on the individual´s circumstances and current condition.

Standard CLEAR treatment

This treatment is recommended for patients with a Cobb angle equal to or superior to 20 degrees and who live in Madrid or the surrounding area, and who are able to come to the center on a regular basis.

The sessions consist of a CLEAR protocol of 2 hours duration (that includes chiropractic adjustments). You can obtain more information about this CLEAR circuit in the section A session of the CLEAR protocol

Intensive Sessions of CLEAR Treatment

This is for patients with a Cobb angle equal or superior to 20 degrees that either do not live in Madrid, or cannot come to the center in Madrid on a regular basis for a period of months as required by the Standard CLEAR protocol.

The intensive treatment consists in two daily sessions of CLEAR protocol treatment and chiropractic adjustments (see benefits in Coventional Chiropractic Treatment section) during a 9-day period. The treatment time each day tends to vary between 5 and 6 hours, depending on the recommendations of our chiropractors, and the individual patient´s needs.

CLEAR Rehabilitation Program

Both the standard and intensive CLEAR treatments involve a rehabilitation program with specific isometric exercises, that must be done by the patient at home in a daily basis. The exercises are individually-programed based on the information from the patient´s radiological studies and the physical exam.

The effectiveness of the exercises will be checked in each patient to ensure that they are working well. The T.I.E. center will be able provide any materials necessary to perform the exercises.

Tratamiento convencional quiropráctico

This treatment is the classic chiropractic care without the CLEAR protocol. Generally, this treatment is used in patients that have a Cobb angle of less than 20 degrees. However, this may vary with the patient´s age, gender, specific condition and risk of progression. Chiropractic adjustments provide a multitude of health benefits by improving the function of nervous system, and thereby optimizing our health and quality of life in general.

Here are a few samples of the benefits of chiropractic:

Improvements in posture due to the increase of proprioceptive information (our capacity of our body to know where were are in space, for example if are we standing straight, if we are about to twist our ankle, etc.

  • Increases in flexibility and ranges of motion.
  • Improvements in pelvic torsion that provide a stable base for the spinal column.
  • Reduces in muscular tension.
  • Reduces pain due to elimination of interference in our nervous system (abnormal afferent information). The pain is reduced because we are correcting the cause of the pain, not just cutting off the pain sensation.

We should never ignore the presence of a curve even if it is not very pronounced, since every big curve started as a small curve. Being in the hands of a spinal column specialist in a beginning phase will allow you to act quickly if unexpected changes occur, such as progression of the curve or the appearance of symptoms, etc.